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How secure if my order?
Your order is safe because this online transaction is 100% protected using a secure server.All information sent to "PayPal" is encrypted (using strong 128-bit encryption, sealed with Verisign) and is ...
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship to any part of the world for a flat rate fee of $7.00.This is already included as a total price for your order.
Are these background voices/vocals singing to the tracks?
The short answer is: Yes and no.The karaoke tracks are meant for pure karaoke purposes and as such, there are no voices singing along to the music. It defeats the purpose of karaoke singing if there a...
Are these original singers or original songs?
The karaoke tracks are very close to original sound.Due to licensing issues, these are not the original songs. However, they are definitely not midi sounds.All tracks are meticulously recorded in a pr...
Will It work on my DVD Player or Karaoke Machine?
These DVDs will work on any regular DVD player or your computer too. It is region free and it will work in any region. If you karaoke machine or system is able to play DVDs, then it will also be able...
Do I get a discount if I purchase more than 1 set?
Yes. We offer a 50% discount off the price of the second set. The 2nd set will cost only $30. You can purchase 2 sets at only $97 by clicking here. (if you're interested in purchasing more than 2 set...

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