Two Karaoke Songs You Should Avoid At All Costs...

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Hanging out with your friends at a karaoke bar is a fun way to unwind. Unfortunately, some karaoke songs are so overplayed that you would rather be back in the office working overtime rather than listening to another drunken rendition of a song you've heard 5 or more times that night. Here are the top two karaoke songs to avoid singing this year if you want to leave the bar unscathed.

1) I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Seriously, since this diva passed away, this song has been on heavy rotation in most karaoke bars and elevators. Whitney must roll around in her grave every time someone decides to do a drunken rendition of this tune. Most of us can't even hit the right notes when we're sober. So please, give this particular song a break and try Saving All My Love For You? Wait, that one is overplayed too.

2) My Way by Frank Sinatra

Old Blue Eyes may be long gone but his music lives on through karaoke enthusiasts. There have even been a series of killings in the Philippines dubbed the My Way Killings wherein drunken brawls would result to settle who did a better rendition of the songs. Many have involved the use of knives, ice picks and guns. So Mr. Sinatra, is there a subliminal message in this particular song that promotes excessive violence?

So what karaoke songs should you consider? Try upbeat ones that are more current. This will give the audience something to dance to and prove that you are indeed worthy enough to hold that microphone!


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